Application Lifecycle

Specify requirements. Develop. Test. Deploy. Repeat.

From ideas to reality

Primesoft’s application services have helped leading businesses worldwide to manage an entire application development lifespan while overcoming IT challenges and controlling costs. With our wide range of experience from various major industries, we will create doable solutions for your most demanding application development needs.

When you partner with us, you will gain access to a global team of highly-skilled professionals with full competencies in all systems applications, languages and platforms including: Microsoft, Oracle, Java and OpenSource.



We provide an end to end expertise to bring your application to life


No matter what stage of development your applications are in when you pass it to us, our application management services are designed to provide your business' multiple running applications with adequate monitoring and tracking services.



Whether you require a full application systems rewrite or sporadic application upgrades, our application development service offerings will help increase your operational efficiency while reducing overall costs.



By detecting bugs early in the software lifecycle, your business can easily respond to application performance issues so you can enjoy superior application quality and an accelerated time-to-market.



In a budget-conscious world, every new application needs to be fully sustainable, with an almost non-existent maintenance spend. Through our flexible, cost-effective strategic solutions, we can help you maximize your IT investments.



Enjoy multiple delivery options of customized support solutions aimed at making sure your applications remain operational, secure and responsive to the changing needs of your business.



Identifying and analyzing operational processes within your organization and prioritizing areas for improvement so we can evaluate and design the most competitive IT investment approach for you.


Cause appearance does matter

From content creation to technology development to new media management, we aim to create continuous consumer loyalty and ensure that your organization's corporate identity will seep through your consumer's everyday lives. We make it our business to get your message across. If you can imagine it, we can make it real.

Creative Design

Primesoft understands your need to leave a visual thumbprint on your target markets' minds. Our company aims to fully support your organization's branding strategy and to consistently promote your organization's products, services and values through superior and outstanding graphic design services.

New Media Services

Create. Engage. Connect. Today's media landscape is so complex it's hard to cut through various content channels to reach your target audience. Simple, creative content is not enough. An original, creative and compelling user experience is what will put you ahead in the global marketplace. Various content types, different platforms, diverse global markets - Primesoft will get you there.


We focus on creating high quality and easy-to-use interfaces


The Primesoft CMS team will create, update and maintain a custom CMS application for your business.


Take advantage of today's digital market and let Primesoft create effective and aesthetically pleasing animation for you.


Enhance your overall business performance through interactive communication using the perfect presentation techniques


We can custom a training program on your choice of platform (web, mobile, etc.)


We deliver premier services targeted at putting your website on top (white-hat techniques,quality link-building strategies, etc.)


We go beyond the elements and principles of design to take our partner's creative vision across unique, buzz-worthy visual representations.


At Primesoft, programming is the 8th art

Personalized solutions for your business

Agility. Innovation. Profitability. Across industries, a well-conceived technology solution is crucial for success. If you're looking for a long-term trusted partner to help enhance or develop a website or software solution to streamline your operations, you've come to the right place.

Primesoft provides outsourced and customized web and software development services that deliver robust, scalable and cost-effective software solutions for your business. We can develop your required technology solutions or extend the functionality of your current software to enable you to complete critical projects while focusing on your core business.



Client-server and Desktop Applications Development

Custom Web Application Development

Centerprise Information Portals

Custom Reporting and Data Mining Systems

Quality Assurance Testing



Why choose Us?


We practice an extensive, hands-on and transparent project management that ensures your involvement in the entire development cycle.

Why choose Us?


We have highly-professional and reliable quality assurance personnel to ensure the quality, scalability and reliability of the products that we develop for you.

Why choose Us?


We analyze, define and understand your business issues and come up with a quality solution that is dynamic, efficient and cost-effective.

No matter what your technology requirements are, Primesoft will use only the most up-to-date software development tools for you. Contact us now


A strong base to make your application a success

Turnkey solutions for your infrastructure challenges

The pressure of keeping up with the technological advances of the global marketplace is forcing organizations from different industries to rethink the way they do business. The challenge to manage and operate a secure, flexible and responsive IT infrastructure may be too much to handle for just about any other technology solutions provider - but not for Primesoft.

With years of experience, Primesoft has delivered successful IT infrastructure services to both the internal and external clients of an organization. Using a holistic approach, we are able to transform our partner's IT environments with the right balance of cost-effectiveness, distinctiveness and flexibility.


We design the network architecture that matches your needs

Our team of highly-skilled IT professionals believe that finding the answer to most of the organizations' IT infrastructure challenges begins by addressing the most important IT and business goals. We co-create solutions with our partners, aligning your infrastructure challenges to your business objectives. We will enable your organization to:

  • Understand how existing and emerging technologies can help your business
  • Analyze your current IT infrastructure and determine improvement opportunities
  • Create, implement and manage a customized infrastructure plan
  • Reduce risks and maximize the value of your IT investments

Obtain an in-depth know-how of tested procedures and frameworks for building an up-to-date and effective infrastructure. By partnering with us, your business will benefit from a talented team of technical and industry-best consultants that deliver on-time, high-quality services with an offshore cost advantage.


We make things work with harmony

Make your various systems run in unison

Primesoft understands the challenge posed by the ever-evolving global marketplace: do more, use less; earn more, spend less. The demand for an increase in worker's productivity calls for the automation of basic business processes. Meeting this challenge requires an improved flexibility and technology innovation in response to varying business needs.

As such, we focus on a sophisticated combination of service and technology to take the day-to-day IT management and administration off your hands so you can concentrate on the core elements of your business. By having a more agile infrastructure, your business is more able to adapt tech innovations, enhance security & risk management and control further IT costs.


SOA and application architecture

Rebuild your application strategy. Service-Oriented Architecture enables your organization to leverage your IT investments for an efficient application delivery. This increase in operational agility equates to reduced IT costs and an enhanced business performance.

Primesoft's SOA and Application Architecture services provide you a more productive and dynamic application development. We will assess your current application architecture, identify an SOA adoption roadmap, implement an SOA Governance model and assist you in managing your SOA enterprise.

Business Process Management

Businesses are driven by the need to change and this pressure demands that the heart of every organization and its business processes must be able to respond accordingly. The advances in technology are causing a continual shift in the fundamentals of the 21st century economic landscape. Tomorrow's organizations will be operating in a more advanced IT world. Will you be able to keep up? Our vision of a great management:

  • Agile - to adapt to, consistently meet and ultimately exceed customers' expectations
  • Innovative - to stay ahead of the competition
  • Dynamic - to take advantage of the latest technological advances to be able to react and anticipate shifts in the global marketplace
  • Optimal - to achieve maximum operational savings and sustain the highest return on investment

Program Management

Our program management team will organize, direct and manage the implementation of your large-scale parallel projects, using proven program-tracking methods and tools to create a tailored solution to meet your unique business needs. We will work diligently to seamlessly integrate your IT needs with the dynamics of your organization; optimize your resources; improve your ROI; and, help you to focus on prioritizing your program initiatives.

Enterprise Information Management

With the increasing rate of data creation, businesses face problems of assimilation, accuracy, redundancy and security. Across industries, various enterprises are looking to harness unstructured information for better business responsiveness.